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The IMI Diabetes Platform: Opening a new chapter in diabetes research

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The IMI Diabetes Platform

Collaborative approaches to overcome key bottlenecks on the way to novel therapies

A state-of-the-art flyer titled “The IMI Diabetes Platform” was released together with the colleagues from the two other IMI diabetes consortia, SUMMIT and IMIDIA.

The flyer is designed to give both, good visibility to each single consortium and at the same time a good understanding of those aspects of IMI diabetes research that together constitute one of the most holistic discovery approaches in diabetes so far.

The IMI diabetes flyer highlights unique selling points and addresses those with a special interest in IMI diabetes projects, e.g. academia, pharma, the EC and other stakeholders like country organizations or members state groups, clinicians, patients, economists, national health authorities as well as patient organizations.

The flyer was first presented to a broad scientific audience at the 2012 EASD annual meeting in Berlin via the EASD information booth and DIRECT EFPIA participant stands at the exhibition.

DIRECT Flyer, October 01, 2012

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EASD Satellite Symposium
DIRECT organizes a satellite symposium of the consortia of the IMI Diabetes Platform titled:

“Opening a new chapter in diabetes research”
at this year´s annual EASD meeting in Barcelona on:
Sunday, 22nd September 2013

For the programme, click here

DIRECT Press-release

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