DIRECT - Innovative Medicines Initiative:
DIabetes REsearCh on patient straTification

Work Packages

The DIRECT consortium is organized in a highly integrative and synergistic framework dividing the project in two consecutive parts with contributions of seven strongly interrelated scientific work packages as described in the figure below:

In this seven-year programme of work, there are a total of nine work packages.

Work packages 1 and 9 are management work packages, with WP9 specifically designed to address the ethical and legal requirements of a large data-repository of pan-European data, and the specific issues related to treatment stratification. WP1 addresses the aspects of project management and administration.

The seven interrelated research work packages can broadly be split into phenotype generation and provision (WP2 and 3), data generation and analysis (WP4 and 5), validation and assay development (WP6) and validation through prospective clinical trials (WP7 and 8).